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Ring neck pheasant
Ring-neck pheasant

The Chinese ring-neck pheasant and the blue melanistic pheasant are the two main game-birds bred at Woodfield. Both are well established gamebirds in New Zealand. The Ring-neck being slightly more common in most areas and a proven survivor in the wild they have excellent flying abilities and brilliant colours.

Blue melanistic pheasant

Blue melanistic mutant pheasant

The blue melanistic is a pure breed with greenish black plumage. They have been found to have a remarkable ability to survive and reproduce in the wild.

Golden pheasant

Golden pheasant

Golden pheasant male. This hardy, game bird is by nature friendlier than the Ringneck pheasant. Often released in large garden areas, they do not have the same wandering instincts of the other pheasant breeds, and can often be tamed. Males retain their spectacular colour, whilst the hens are less colourful and duller than males. They have a mottled brown plumage. Their diet is identical to the other pheasant breeds.

Birds are sold for release.

Imagine the reward of seeing the regal pheasant, the king of gamebirds, established on your property.

Ringnecks and Melanistics   $22.00 each incl GST
Golden pheasants   $45.00 each incl GST

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