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Woodfield game birds for sale
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Essential to the successful release of game birds is a 'release pen' to hold birds temporarily in the area in which they are to be liberated. To meet your needs Woodfield Game Birds have constructed a pen ready for assembling on your property.

Dimensions - Assembled
2.5 metres x 2.5 metres, height 900cm

Dimensions - Unassembled
Length 2.5 meters, Height 900cm, Depth 200 cm

- 4 sides [hinged door]
- 8 reusable cable ties
- 45x netting hooks
- 1x square of bird netting for roof

  • Holds up to 50 birds prior to their release on your property
  • Pen can be expanded to any size by adding more panels
  • Can be moved easily to new release areas at your convenience
  • Everything supplied for instant assembly, no nailing required
  • Long lasting, solid construction, ground treated timber and galvanised hardware
  • Packs down to a manageable size for transporting and storage
  • Multiple uses around your property/garden when not in use as a release pen

Price: $400.00 plus GST

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